A personal thank you on twitter, and good vibes all around! Don't forget to tweet out your own #mynightlight story about fighting your way out of the dark :-)

Bedtime Story...

You get an early digital download of the lead single, Bedtime Story, Via SoundCloud, plus a twitter thank you shout out!

Written In The Stars...

A complete digital download (early release) of the complete Nightlight EP (audio only), a handwritten thank you card mailed with a special surprise, and a "Hall of Fame" listing on my website as an album producer!


This one's huge!! All of the above plus: *A NIGHTLIGHT EP Limited Edition T-Shirt or Tote Bag, with a special glow-in-the-dark surprise inside! *Early Viewing (private links) of the entire visual album + exclusive "backer-only" behind the scenes footage


WOAH! You are amazing and I am floored by your dedication to producing independent music! You get all the perks from all of the above categories AND If you are local to NYC, I want to invite you to come be in the room where it happens at the studio! You will get a special behind-the-scenes look at my process, and sit in on a recording session with me and my team! If you can't travel to the city, I will set up a consult with you via phone and write an original song (lyrics only) just for you or someone you love to have forever and ever.

You get a Vinyl all wrapped in a bow!

ALL OF THE ABOVE + An autographed Vinyl Copy of the NightLight Visual Album!! YUUSSSS!!!


YOU ARE A BALLER and are legit changing the music industry with your producing skills! You get All of the above perks, plus: **A Free VIP all-access Pass to all NightLight Music Video Shoots, Photo Shoots, and Recording Sessions (If Local to NYC) and first look at all visual album footage!!

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