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I've two questions for you:

1. If you consider your project - similar to what Figma offers - why should one consider installing Akira instead of using the web-based tool? Is it just going to be a clone of those tools - offering a native Linux experience or is there something really interesting to encourage users to switch (except being an open source solution)?

2. Let's assume that it becomes the open source solution that Linux users have been waiting for (with similar features offered by proprietary tools). What are your plans to sustain it? Do you plan to introduce any pricing plans - or rely on donations?


Can we see a demo of the canvas, along with a description of the other types of apps that would benefit from the canvas library?

(I may have missed this because I tuned in a little late; if so, sorry!)


Why don’t you work on and improve an existing tool? What are the things that made you think that starting from the ground up is the best approach for Akira?


Would Akira support other operating system?


Will Akira support some form of interactivity in the canvas in the future, like a working textbox or button (as that might be interesting for interface design)? Or will the canvas be something static?
(hopefully this hasn't come up before, had trouble submitting the question)


What is the gap in features/workflow between sketch and akira?


Are you currently, or will you be in the future, looking for contributions? How about setting up a bountysource? I would love to see this come to fruition, however I am a bit skeptical regarding the kickstarter format. Will you be the only developer? Could you maybe go more in depth on your plans for allocating funds.


Will Akira support some form of plugins? If so, could plugins be used to add or tweak functionality in the editor? Or could these be used to automate tasks (think of batch processing, or something similar).


Developers are usually particular in their code, how will you manage the codebase with a number of contributors and not kill each other?

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