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When writing some of the delicious text of Cultist Simulator, do you find you prefer to spend time getting it right all in one go, or do you tend to come back to what you've written later on and tweak it when necessary?


Hey, I really love Cultist Simulator, it's great.

Can you talk a little about what literature you're reading that might inspire the romance system? For example 'I've recently read Arms and the Man' or 'I will be reading The Castle of Otranto' give different hints as to what direction the romance system might be going.


Hey Alexis! I love everything about cultist simulator except the ways that some of the probabilities work - specifically, the fact that even Moth 10 cultists can be destroyed while looking for evidence and that they're irreplaceable. Even though they have a 70% chance to survive, on the many, many times (in my experience) that I've had to destroy evidence, that becomes a guarantee of losing them, so I've started save-scumming & making a backup save any time before having evidence destroyed. Any chance you'd want to work on this?

Then, as a totally unrelated note, any thoughts on alternate ascensions/desires? I for one would LOVE to see Desire: Freedom, Desire: Eternity, or Desire: Disappearance make their way into the game (... up to you to determine which aspects I'm thinking of for those ;) )

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