You'll get a Perpetual Edition copy of the game. Perpetual Edition means any/all DLC for free forever.


My working notebooks in digital form. What this means is a melange of Google Spreadsheets, mad scraps of text files, reference images, project schedules, concept art - basically I'll sweep my virtual desk free of virtual contents, pick out anything that looks interesting, squeeze it into a *small but stylishly enigmatic physical package*, and send it to you. And Perpetual Edition, natch.

Stolen Name

Your name, or a pseudonym, goes in the game, as an author of forbidden works / damned soul / grasping tide spirit / oracular bottled ape foetus etc. I reserve the right to veto unsuitable names, because I still remember that time a backer tried to get a landmark called Dankmeme Swamp in Sunless Sea. But I'll find something that works for us both, or give your money back. If I get a lot of backers, I am really going to regret making this a seventy quid tier, but I'll put an whole extra library of Scarlet Monks in or something.


All the below, plus: I will answer one question about the lore of any game I've worked on, including this one, as long as it's not NDA-protected. The question must be asked on or before March 21st, 2021. I will also invent a word for you. This word will exist, somewhere, in the game. You'll be able to select from a menu of word options.


I will send you a Thing. This Thing will be suitable for display, if you like that sort of Thing. All Things will be relevant, all things will be interesting, but not all will be identical. And everything else!


All the above; plus, work with me to put a unique item in the game. Optionally, come round to my Mysterious Lair by the River (in London, UK) while we talk the item through. Usual creative emergency overrides apply.


Choose any piece of game art to be tattooed on my actual skin. Seriously. You might remember I got inked with Sunless Sea art as a stretch goal. Conditions: it has to be Cultist Simulator art (or a quote); my girlfriend gets to veto anything too alarming. If we can't agree, I'll refund. And everything above!


Hi Alexis and Sonia! Do you have stretch goals planned? Looks like you'll need them


Will a soundtrack be available at some point? Excited to see Maribeth Solomon is doing the music!


Should we be hoping for more quasi-regular updates on more Hours and their respective tarot cards?

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