Pawsitive PDF Prints

Ah! Here come the puppies! You’ll receive high quality PDF images of your top three favorite cards. Whether they hang in your home or stay on you’re computer, they’re bound to bring you smiles.

Luck of the Pup Print

Pick your favorite card and we’ll ship this lucky little pup’s picture to you! They are printed at 5.5x8”. You’re sure to be delightfully surprised when you see this happy dog’s face.

The Major Barkana Deck ONLY

With fun-spirited watercolors, this dog-themed tarot deck is sure to bring any collection or divination practice joy! The deck includes 22 fully colored and durable cards (the Majors of tarot) and stylish tuck box packaging.

The Major Barkana Deck & Print

Do you absolutely have to have this deck, plus one of our pups smiling on your wall? With this pledge, you’ll receive your favorite print, three PDF files, and the whole Majors deck!

Barkana with Extra Love

If you’re drawn to several of our pups, then this pledge is perfect for you. Along with the full Majors deck, you’ll also receive 5 prints of your choice—meaning five times the happy pup energy in your home!

Original Barkana Sketch

This is limited edition original art! We have one original sketch of each Majors card—and they’re available for you. This is first come, first serve. Please contact us to ensure the drawing you want is still available. *More details in campaign

Original Barkana Painting

Love the idea of limited edition art, but want something colorful? We have some Majors paintings available—and one can be yours. Like the sketches, these are first come, first serve and while supplies last. *More details in campaign description

Total Puppy Print Package

Along with the deck, bring these beautiful pups into your home with high quality, full-size prints of every illustration in this deck. Measuring 5.5x8” each, they’re sure to light up any space!

Get Your Dog in the Deck!

Part two of this deck is beginning in 2019—and your dog can be in it. You’ll receive the Minor’s deck (once completed in 2019/2020), a print of your pup’s card, and most of the rewards below in this campaign. You get to pick the card your dog will be on, first come first serve! *More details in campaign description

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