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For those who don’t want anything except the eternal gratitude of the creators

Single Recruit Pack

One copy of Warren Wars PLUS any Stretch Goals

General Pack **Kickstarter Exclusive**

One copy of Warren Wars PLUS 5 postcards featuring hand drawn artwork! This will not be available to buy after the campaign.

Double Recruit Pack

Get two copies of Warren Wars because why not? Get an extra to copy to give to a friend and share the bunny love (or war)


Now this is something a bit special. Includes everything in the General Pack: Plus! A unique General card featuring artwork of YOU as one of our bunnies. You may chose your title, quote and ability! This could be played with the main game if you wish or just something for you to admire! You will also receive a digital file of your drawing. This is a strictly limited tier!

Small Retailer Pack - 6 Copies (UK Only)

Get 6 copies of the game, plus any stretch goals. RRP £17.99

Mid Retail Package (20 Copies) - UK Only

Get 20 copies of the base game. RRP £17.99 Plus any Stretch Goals

Large Retailer Pack ( 100 Copies )

100 Copies of the game PLUS any stretch goals. RRP £17.99 - Plus our eternal gratitude!

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