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Digital Taste

Don't want to jump right into the graphic novel? Get a digital PDF of the first issue of Metalshark Bro! 20 pages of sweetness to wet your whistle.


Get a digital PDF of the full comic.

Physical (US shipping included)

A phsyical printed copy of the full comic. All 100+ pages are yours. You'll also have your name chronicled in the "Thank You" section. Domestic US shipping included

3 Prints and book (US shipping included)

Get your choice of 3 prints along with the physical comic.

A pin and book (US shipping included)

Get your choice of one of our sweet enamel pins along with the physical comic and other goodies. P.S. Don't stick it in you or anyone else. Continental US shipping included

Creature Box Print and Book

You receive a limited edition Metalshark Bro pin-up from the dudes at Creature Box as well as a physical copy of the book.

3 pins and book (US shipping included)

All 3 pins plus the physical comic and other goodies. Continental US shipping included

Physical w/ Sketch w/ Pins

Walter will draw a custom, original sketch inside your physical copy of the comic. Also get all 3 pins. Continental US shipping included

Digital Hangout

Hang out with Kevin and Bob on Word Bros podcast, voice chat with Walter on his Twitch stream, or voice chat with one of the dudes (or maybe all) privately. Session will last at least 45 minutes. You get to pick one. Choose wisely. Plus you get the other goodies including the comic.

Deal with the Devil

Make your own deal with the devil. That's right, you'll get your very own personalized contract with Beelzebrah, and a 4x6 inch watercolor head sketch. Includes: Thank you page listing A physical copy of the book One Pin of your choice One Print of your choice 4x6 inch, One of a kind, custom watercolor head sketch card of you as your Demon Spirit Animal. Personalized Contract with the Beelzabrah

Be an Extra

Show up as an extra in the comic. Have your likeness drawn into the pages of MSB. You will show up in at least 1 panel. Continental US shipping included.

Cameo Role

Have a speaking cameo in MSB. You'll show up in at least 1 panel and have at least 1 line of dialogue. Continental US shipping included.

Adam Ferris Original Art

Get the original, one-of-a-kind, artwork for the Adam Ferris pin-up. Plus you get the book, listing in the thank you section, a print, and a pin.

MSB kills your comic alter-ego

Congrats, MSB is gonna illustratively kill your comic alter-ego in the pages of the Metalshark Bro. A gruesome death at the hands of the shark man knows as Metalshark Bro! Includes physical, digital, and your name on thank you page. Continental US shipping included.

The Cover

Get the one, the only, the most metalshark cover ever produced by mortal hands. That's right, there's only 1 cover and this bad boy is yours.

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