Digital Pack - Skylin Issue 1 & 2

Whether you are a returning reader or new to the series, the Digital Pack will get you going and keep you wanting more. Includes Skylin Issues 1 & 2 (digital)

Signed/Printed Skylin Issue 2

So you couldn't get enough after issue 1 and had to see what happens to Skylin next? Enjoy the continuation with a beautifully printed first edition copy signed by the authors.

Beginner Print Package

Getting started in the Skylin Universe? This package includes both issues in print and digital, plus some cool digital wallpapers.

Early Bird Signed Books

Standard Print Package

Includes Skylin Issues 1 & 2 with a Skylin Stubbie print created by Pez plus a few digital goodies. *choice: books signed by authors or unmarked

Everything Skylin!

You're a collector! You want all of our Skylin books, variants, and adorable Skylin Stubbie print. Would you like the authors to sign your books too? No additional cost. *Optional author signatures can be chosen at survey.

Charon Comics Book Lover

If you think what we are doing is great and want to read everything we have so far, or maybe gift some great books to friends or family, then here's a package for you. *choice of having the books signed by the authors or unmarked.

20 Questions with the Creators

Are you curious about the writing process? Do you wonder how to get started on your own comic? The creators of Skylin are open to your questions in this exclusive live Skype call. You'll also receive a signed Variant copy of Skylin issue 2 and a plethora of other goodies. *English speakers only (sorry)

Drawn in to Skylin Issue 3

Do you want to be a character in the Skylin Universe? Skylin Issue 2 is finished but Issue 3 is already in production. With this reward, we'll immortalize your likeness inside the pages. *By accepting this reward, you are agreeing to Charon Comics LLC using your likeness freely on future Skylin comics and other Skylin media.

Industry Package ($840 Value)

If you own a store, whether it's online or brick and mortar, this package is for you. You'll get 40 copies of each of our Skylin Issues 1 & 2, their variant covers, and Tales of Charon Vol 1. (70 page anthology)

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