Generous giver

As you've back for no rewards, we will give you credit by adding you onto are add card. This will be the same with the most generous backer with rewards too.

Uncut sheets.

If you prefer uncut sheets for pictures or even want to cut them out your self. Feel free for this option

1 deck standerd delivery.

1 deck of foleys playing cards (TRACKED)

Same as the above but paying abit more for tracked delivery.

2 decks tracked delivery.

2 decks standerd delivery

3 desks tracked delivery.

3 desks standerd delivery

4 decks standerd delivery

4 decks tracked delivery

12 decks Tracked UK Only

This option is for the UK only. Due to usa standerd deliver for the size of the parcel as tracking as standerd.

12 decks standard delivery

For rest of the world, Due to the size of the package. tracking is standard. for the uk its non tracking.

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