Rc Camstik Tier 1

1 Be the first to get this awesome Rc Camstik T- Shirt and be the talk at the track! (S-XXL)

Rc Cam Stik 2

Rc CamStik Tier-2 An awesome Rc Camstik Baseball Cap will keep the sun out of your eyes while your racing!

Rc Cam Stik 3

Rc CamStik Tier-3 RcCamstik awesome T-Shirt and a Rc Camstik Die Struck Coin! (Simulated Coin-Actual coin will have logo stamped on both sides)

Rc Cam Stik 4 (Early Bird)

Rc Camstik Tier-4 (Early Bird VP Special)Show off at the track with the VP package: Rc Camstik T-Shirt,Baseball Cap, Die Struck Coin, and Rc Camstik Functional Prototype with 2 mounts (***Phone NOT Included***)

Rc Camstick 5 (EarlyBird)

Rc Camstik Tier 5 (Early Bird Complete Package!)This Elite package gets you ahead of the game! You get the Awesome Rc Camstik T-Shirt, Baseball Cap, Die Struck Coin, and a Functional Design Prototype and the 4 mounts! (Phone & Cam not included)

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