The Day Pass

You've got good karma, so you get the first 25 finished pages in pdf.

The Down-Low Download

A PDF copy of entire Eternifest graphic novel, upon completion.

The Wookie Wrap

A PDF copy of the book upon completion, plus your name credited in the final Eternifest book.

The Small Stage Act

Gets you everything above plus exclusive behind the scene video tutorial by creator Josh Mongeau. Plus you get an 11x17 Eternifest poster and your name credited in the book.

2- day pass

Everything above, plus your likeness will be featured in the book, based on the photos you send us.

3-day pass

Everything above, plus a limited edition print. You'll also be drawn into 5 pages of the book!

The VIP Tent

Everything above pllluuuusss a signed limited edition print, and your likeness/character featured in 10 pages of the book. Plus a phone call from one of the creators!

VIP tent and backstage passes

You're dedicated. An alpha groupie. You get just about everything above but including your likeness in the book, w/original likeness print signed by the artist, AND exclusive rights to a hard copy of the book.

Are you with the band?

Whoa... You guys know the band or something? So, you get all of the above, plus an Eternifest Poster!

Oh, you are with the band!

Oops, my error! I didn't know you were with the band! So you get everything plus another limited edition print.


You get everything in tier #7 plus lunch with the creators. *Must be in NYC area*

So, you wanna be hardcore?

You're so legendary the CIA probably has a file on you. Everything in tier #8 plus a signed hard cover copy of the book!

Sign my boobs, please?

Everything in tier #9 plus a separate commission by the artist's hand.

Rockstar Status

Everything, I mean everything, plus consultation and creation of your own project with contributions of our writing and artwork. You're probably on a record drifting off into space, for extra-terrestrials to listen to.

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