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After Magic and pokemon have ruled the land for a while, do you think there is a market for new CCGs?


What is your opinion on the mergers and acquisitions of various board game publishers? Is that healthy for the industry or are we seeing the rise of the next Hasbro? It is a good thing and could that start to prevent the independent designers from getting their game published for the bigger companies are only staying with evergreen titles.?


Would you talk about trend of digitization of board game? MTG regularly releases on Steam. Asmodee digital is actively converting its major titles. Gloomhaven, another example. What is your opinion about the platform, or media, we play through? Is tangibility a limitation or a feature? Are board games really different from video games?


Were you ever worried during the design of Keyforge that the loss of a deckbuilding would be a tough selling point to many players? Or was always meant to be the way it is?


You've done a lot of teaching via seminars (some online) and writing for books.

In general, why do you think teaching is important? Do you do it mainly to improve the quality of games, or as an intellectual exercise, or something else?

And, specifically to Erin's project, why do you think this book is important/of value?


There are parts of the world that are still in the dark ages of board games. What do you think the demographics of board game playing will look like in fifty years?


What game that you have played do you wish you would have designed and what games did you play when younger that inspired you to become a game designer.


Do you think designers should choose their next game genre based on the trends of players' interests or their own skills and interests? Should they avoid designing for the genres that are not very popular but they love and know how to design a good one?
If the answer is the latter one how they can manage the profitability of the game?


Why did dwarves never become a bigger part of the game or a more important tribal?
Do you think it would be possible to add existing Wizards IPs to the multiverse, such as Krynn from the Dragonlance series?


Where do you get your inspiration from?


What Formula did you use when you decided the casting cost price on each magic cards? from the first sets of the magic cards you designed.

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