The "That's What's Up" Award

*gives head-nod *

The "Good Look" Award

* points to you across the room then proceeds to send link*

The "Preciate That Homie" Award

*comes over and gives you daps and/or church hug* ...whatever one is the most applicable lol

The " Ayy It's LIT" Award

*runs up to you using unnecessarily funny hand movements then turns on the documentary*

The" Let's Go!" Award

Bring it's HUG time!!! *Goes to post office to mail you an unbelievably fresh t-shirt*

The "Yooo Welcome To The Team" Award

Umm you're family now so tell Aunty Cheryl we coming over after this...but first we gotta do our secret handshake.... *packs up giveaway bag for students to receive on tour*

The "DREAMER" Award

Yooo on everything I love, I appreciate you for believing in the DREAM. In whatever capacity we know each other I am truly grateful for you... *raises glass for a toast while mailing out a limited edition Dream Create Inspire hoody*

The "CREATOR" Award

*mouth drops to ground* Look whomsoever you are just know BRUH/SIS you're AMAZINGLY DOPE! Yoo you know what..we making you a PRODUCER right now!!! Look below to see what that means. The Producer Package: Did you ever want to be a music producer? Well now you can!! For this reward level, we will provide a small venue equipped with food, drinks, a sound system, and musicians (you choose what instruments should be on the album). Each song will be based off of suggestions from you and you get to name each track! If you are in town and available to stop by, you will have a VIP private room experience! If you are out of state, you will have a LIVE private video link for the session showing us creating brand new music produced by you. *This package will also include mp3s of songs and individually unique mixtape cover art exclusively for you.*


WHAT????? Honestly I need to know more about you. No really... honestly let's get dinner! Listen, I'll even fly you out for it! * emails you flight confirmation and sends calendar invite for dinner*


AAAAAAGHGAHVDDGAHD!!!! At this point we are completely speechless, crying tears of joy, while reciting random lines from The Alchemist. All because of you, we are now able to give one Dream Kid the opportunity of a lifetime! Look below for details... The Dream Kid Package: -You get to pick one young talented musician/artist to join the Dream Create Inspire Tour! This includes the following: - Flight & hotel accommodations for The Dream Kid and 1 parent and/or guardian - Meals will be provided - The Dream Kid will perform on one tour date in the city of their choosing (this includes performing at the Dream Create Inspire show and at the selected school) - The Dream Kid will do a press run promoting themselves and the tour (including podcast interview, newspaper article, and/or radio interview) - The Dream Kid will be included in press releases and will be featured in the Dream Create Inspire Documentary - The Dream Kid gets one song featured on the Dream Create Inspire EP

- currently watching