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Thanks for the support in seeing our ideas brought to life! You are awesome!

Custom Goetic Ritual

A digital copy of my personal Goetic evocation ritual. This is a ritual that I have designed to be less 'abrasive' than the more traditional medieval ritual found in the Lesser Key Of Solomon. It is fully tested, and has layers upon layers of built in safeguards, but personally I have found that it yields much better results than the constant threats in the older texts. As the old maxim goes - you catch more flies with honey!

Thank You Postcard

Special Thank You postcard, handwritten and signed by the creators of Goetic Impressions. We appreciate each and everyone one of you who helped us to make our dream into a reality. As a token of our gratitude we will send out Thank You cards to everyone who donated $10 or more to help us reach our goal. You guys rock!

Goetic Medallion

Each $25 backer will receive their choice of Goetic Spirit medallion. With 72 to choose from pick the spirit you want to work with the most, or maybe just the one you like the feel of the best. Regardless of which one you choose all the Medallions look awesome and come with the Pentacle of Solomon in full color on the back.

2 Goetic Medallions

By popular demand I have added a reward tier for your choice of any two of the Goetic spirit medallions. If there are two spirits you want to work with, but you don't want to open yourself up to five entities at once, then this is the reward tier for you.

5 Goetic Spirit Medallions

Why have only one when you can have five? Choose from any 5 of the 72 Goetic Spirit Medallions.

Ritual Mat

Enjoy your very own Goetic Ritual Mat. This mat is 5 feet by 7.5 feet and made of 13oz vinyl. It holds up well to regular ritual use, but I recommend using it barefoot or with socks. When your ritual is over you can roll the mat right up and put it back away, leaving your space clear for anything else you may need to use it for. The symbols on the mat itself are fairly technical, and a keen observer will note that they differ slightly from the images in the Lesser Key of Solomon. This was done intentionally to correct deliberate errors left in the original book. Rest assured that the mat has been thoroughly tested in multiple rituals by experienced practitioners, and has passed each test with flying colors.

All Goetic Medallions

Why have only a handful of Goetic medallions when you can have the complete collection? Get each of our beautiful Goetic Spirit Medallions, with a considerable savings over getting them one at a time. In addition receive a special Collectors Certificate showing that you got each of your Medallions on the very first production run!

Small Ritual Mat and All Medallions

This backer tier combines the Small Ritual Evocation mat (7.5 feet x 5 feet, 13oz Vinyl) with the complete collection of Goetic Spirit medallions. If you want all of it, then this is the spot to be!

Large Ritual Mat

Full size 10 foot by 15 foot ritual mat. This mat meets the exact size ratios laid out in the Lemegeton, and has been modified to remove the intentional errors left in the original diagrams. Made of 13oz Vinyl this mat is ideal for a converted ritual space, when you are done just roll the mat back up and return it to storage until you need it again. Thoroughly tested by experienced practitioners you can rest assured that this mat will hold up to the demands (both physical and magickal) of any Goetic ritual you might want to perform. (I do recommend using this mat barefoot or with socks, both for the additional energy flow as well as to avoid any potential scuffing.)


Hail to thee fellow magicians. I am curious is there a guide book explaining what each medallion does? If so I would love to buy that as well.

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