Safe Packages

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Porch Pirate Protectors

Our PPPs will get a social media shout-out to all “BaggaBox” followers to let people know the YOU care.


Be on one of the early owners of the BaggaBox sized at 27.5 in x 19.6 in (70 cm x 50 cm); it’ll assure safe package delivery.


BaggaBox is sized at 27.5 in x 19.6 in (70 cm x 50 cm); it’ll deter theft and ensure your package is securely delivered.

EARLY BIRD Mega-BaggaBox

It carries more package space but at this price orders are limited. Be one of the first to own the Mega-BaggaBox which is sized at 39inx31.5in (100cmx80cm); it secures package delivery when you are away from home.

Mega BaggaBox

Receiving big packages? The Mega BaggaBox is sized at 39 in x 31.5 in (100 cm x 80 cm) and carries a lot of load.

Passion Backer

You believe in passionate entrepreneurs, felt the pain of package theft and you wish for us to succeed.

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