Sneak Peek Package!

Get a PDF of pages 1-5 before it goes on sale in May.

Starving Artist Package!

Get two stickers and A LOT of appreciation!

Musicophile Recognition Package!

Get a special thanks and shout out in the next video!

Groovy Package!

Signed Limited-Edition 8.5 x 11" Poster. Get one of only 50 posters signed by comic book writer S.K. Malveaux! Also get 2 stickers and lots of appreciation.

Mr. Sassy Package!

Get a signed copy of the first printing of issue 1 of The MusicMaker signed by S.K. Malveaux! Also get 5 stickers!

Band-Aid Package!

Get a signed limited edition 11" x 17" poster signed by Andres Quezada Peña!

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