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The easiest way to support us if you don't need a reward. You can watch the campaign, receive updates, and comment throughout the project while you decide which tier of the Isle of Bones is best for you. You also get access to any early previews!

Dwarven Scout

As a dwarven scout, you get your digital copy of the Isle of Bones as soon as we receive the campaign funds. We will also include your name or an appropriate name of your choosing at the back as our thank you for your support during the project. --The book is already complete, so you will receive this as soon as the funds are delivered at the conclusion of the Kickstarter.

Awakened Scout

As an awakened scout, you get the digital eBook and a Print on Demand code for a print copy of 'The Isle of Bones,' both of which will be provided after we receive our funds from the Kickstarter.

Gnomish Shipping Captain

The gnomish shipping captain is a hearty soul who relies on the crew to make sure the ship reaches its destination. For backers who don't want to mess with codes and such, we'll order a hard cover copy of the Isle of Bones for you and have it shipped to your address of choice. This tier includes the cost of shipping and a small processing fee. You will also receive everything under dwarven scout.

Elven Necromancer

As an elven necromancer, you get digital copies of all previous 'Awakened' anthologies in addition to everything in the awakened scout tier.

Orcish Bard

As an orcish bard, you get early previews of 'The Awakened RPG' as we finish that project, backer exclusive extras tied to the Isle of Bones, and a digital copy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1e) campaign setting when it releases later this year. All of this, in addition to everything awarded the awakened scout. --For digital copies of older anthologies, add $5 per eBook to your pledge total.

Isle of Bones Hero

You too can leave your mark on the world of Grimaton! We'll use your request in place of an NPC/character in the Awakened RPG. As an Isle of Bones Hero, you gain all benefits of the Isle of Bones Emissary, including character art from artist Brett Neufeld. Since this is the second batch of requests we are accepting, we will begin working with you to build your character background and stats once our emissaries' requests are complete.

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