High Vibrations

I will personally send high vibrations into the ether in your name to support your work standing against violence and moving toward love.

Special Thank You on the Website

Your name will be included as a supporter of ELEPHANT on the film website.

Meditation on Fear

A meditation on fear written by M. Downloadable via Soundcloud.

Special Edition Elephant Postcard

You will receive an original Elephant postcard 3 in a pack. Ideally, the postcards should be used to engage your community and/or legislature in a discourse on violence locally, globally and environmentally.

Elephant Button

Original Elephant button by street artist Blue Phoenix.

Film Bundle

Downloadable digital film package of short films by the collaborators of ELEPHANT. - PALM TREES DOWN 3RD ST. by M - GERANIUMS by M - moonless by M - spaced by M - YOU A NOMAD by Shirah Dedman - SEPARATE TOGETHER by Amanda Vigil

Signed Poem

Signed ELEPHANT poem used in the film.

Special Mention in the Credits

You will receive a special mention in the end credits of ELEPHANT.


Original artwork. A posterboard print of signed graphic art designed by M.

Associate Producer Credit

Associate producer credit on IMDB and at the end credits of ELEPHANT.

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