You'll get Byte Driver on Steam and/or just as soon as it's ready - before the official release.

Pit Crew

In addition to the final game, you'll get access to the Vector Hat discord where I'll be hanging out whenever I'm working on the game. You'll also get regular builds of the game as it progresses towards its final form. I'll be counting on your feedback to shape the game. Welcome to the team!

Vector Hat 2-Pack

In addition to the the previous tiers, you'll get a copy of Vector Hat's first game R-COIL on Steam or Here's the fun part - whether this campaign succeeds or fails (in which case you'll be charged nothing) you'll get R-COIL as soon as it ends. You can't lose!

Car Stereo Upgrade

In addition to the previous tiers you'll get a digital copy of Rainbow Kitten's delicious synthwave soundtrack for Byte Driver.

High Score!

In addition to all previous tiers your name* will be included in the game's default high score table. Your score will be based on the amount (to the penny) that you pledge. You'll also get a limited edition Byte Driver Pit Crew patch. They'll only be available through this campaign. *Limited to 9 characters, only capital letters.


Is it hard to drive and answer questions at the same time?

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