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Are you in need of a US Based Plastic Injection Mold Maker and Thermoplastic Injection Molder with Multi Material Capability based in Florida?


What are your design priorities for the battery case. How will you manage overheating during charging? or is it too soon to answer?


Can't you use "find my phone" to see where your missing iPhones are located?


Will there be a Macro v2 as well for the iphone7 plus?


Speaking of mounting plates, as Andrew brought up, are you guys still exploring ways to manufacture a mounting plate for iPhone 7 Plus and other phones. I agree the old thin metal plate design no longer works well, but have you explored other designs, materials, and/or adhesives? It's important because it's now impossible to use a Moment Lens without your cases -- and many of us need to use your lenses with other gear/rigs (i.e. Helium Core, various e-gimbals, etc.). If you're open to hearing some serious ideas that I think would work, let me know who to contact on your team and how -- you can send me a private message on Kickstarter too!


Moment - Are you planning on making a mounting plate for the Google Pixel? Because I'll buy one or two... If not, I'll just buy the Photo Case. Thanks! - Andrew

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