This PROJECT isn't about making a Comic Book but Rather Bringing the Passion of INDIE COMICS to LIFE! We want EVERYONE to Join us on this Journey. We want to reward everyone for their support. So for a single Dollar, you can Choose your Favorite STORY from the ADVOCATOR line up and we will give you a Special PDF version with that full story and the 1st page of every other story. All for the support of a single Dollar you will be REWARDED!

Advocator -Winter 2019 - Digital Edition

The digital version of the Winter 2019 edition of The Advocator.

Advocator -Winter 2019 - digital deluxe

The Digital Deluxe version of the Winter 2019 Edition of The Advocator. This will include extra pages of Mary Revised and cover and art galleries.

The Advocator (Standard Cover) Print

Get the Printed Version of this "Indie Comic Must Have" and learn more about the franchises you love with these new short stories. 32 Pages

Broke Down Cover + Standard Cover

Broke Down and Four Dead Bodies cover plus the standard cover of The Advocator

Welcome To The Void Cover + Standard

Welcome To The Void Cover plus standard cover of The Advocator

Modern Testament Cover + Standard Cover

Modern Testament cover plus the standard cover of The Advocator(Variant Cover)

Binary Star Cover + Standard Cover

Binary Star cover plus the standard cover of The Advocator

Grimwood Crossing Cover + Standard Cover

Grimwood Crossing cover plus the standard cover of The Advocator

Digital Super Pack

We will be providing not only the digital versions of The Advocator but also the first issues of our chosen franchises - Grimwood Crossing #1 - Broke Down And Four Dead Bodies #1 - Welcome To The Void #0 - Binary Star - Modern Testament - Issue 1 - Complete Mary Revised

Indie Superstar (ALL COVERS)

You support Indie Comics and you want each of our variant covers!! Collect them all!


Acquire the services of Mr. AnderSiN, Chuck and Travis Gibb to help you along with the creative process of your own title. Limited to a 32 page project that must be completed by Dec 2019) Mr. AnderSiN will help you as the story editor and make sure your story has the right flow in both script and art. Chuck will edit the project when finished and before it goes to print, 1st with the lettering script & then the all important​ Final Edit of the finished​​ project. Travis​ Gibb will provide you with a marketing plan for your project and how to build a powerful fundraising ​campaign​. Also provided is a variant cover from an artist of our choosing ​for your future project.

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