Wendigo key ring

If you donate $10 you will receive a Wendigo key ring with the "Wendigo" monster design.

Special Edition T-Shirt

Get a unique T-shirt that will have the monster's image in GLOW IN THE DARK on the front and on the back it reads '2020 Survivor' as you will show your family and friends you survived the terror that is the 'Wendigo' film!

Walk on Movie Role

Now this is a special treat! If you pledge $75, you can get a walk on role for the movie, show yourself on camera and be part of an amazing story.

Signed limited-edition Poster

You will receive a poster of the original artist concept of the creature by original artist, Kevin Locke. It will be signed and dated.

Signed Copy of Script

I will give you a signed copy of the script, signed by not just the writer but the rest of the cast and crew.

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