The Haggler’s pack

For those who wish to participate but regret the almond latte they could have purchased with that sum.

The Haggler’s Super Pack

For the hagglers who are also willing to forgo the raspberry scone and poppyseed muffin they would have ordered with the latte.

The Squirrel Pack

The everyman’s pack, a nice gesture but not necessarily one you’d brag about.

Man of the Cloth Pack (Digi-Pack)

A discreet pack, neither too much nor too little, this pack puts your conscience at ease.

The Shoe Lift Pack

Thoughtfully conceived for small budgets with big ambitions, does wonders the restore egos wounded by the vagaries of life.

The Shoplift Pack

Due to popular demand - a pack for music lovers with tight budgets.

The Goodfella Pack

When this backer accidentally step on your foot, you stay mum.

The Honest Man Pack

A pack for those who earn every penny with hard work, a magnificent contribution.

The Good Man Pack

Typically a pack for those who give from the goodness of their hearts and will be amply rewarded for it up above.

The Josephine Backer Pack

This pack is a favorite of music lovers and free spirits.

The Buddy Pack

This is a pack for those to who friendship isn’t just a word.

The Montmartre Pack

Like a caricature you get in Paris... but 3 times smaller, 10 times more expensive and 100 times classier!

The Adrian Buddy Pack

This is a pack for buddies you can call to dispose of a body.

The Duke Pack

A tad flashy, this pack will get you noticed in high society.

The Leonidas (Super-Fan-Pack)

A more-than-symbolic gesture which conveys a desire to invest oneself spiritually in the journey. This pack inspires reverence in any circumstance.

The Senator’s Pack

The pack for those who didn’t get to the top by coincidence.

“The Lord’s Will” Pack

This pack goes beyond this earthly realm.

The Cardinal’s Pack

This pack flies in the face of the dictum “ You can’t buy happiness”.

The Geronimo Pack

This pack is best suited for true visionaries.


I watched the short animation Oscar nominee "Pear Cider and Cigarettes" the other day and whilst I like how it looks I thought the script was awfully poor. Apart from Black Hole really looking AMAZING, I find the script very original and funny. Who wrote it? (Sorry, I hope this hasn't been asked already)

- currently watching