Start of the Road

It's always best to start at the beginning! This tier gets you access to some Behind the Scenes Updates here on the Kickstarter blog, Blooper Tracks when we make them, and your name listed in thank you section on the site.

Tuned In, Dialed Up

This one's for the fans! Get everything in the previous tier, PLUS the Hit the Bricks soundtrack with original music by Jeff Ball and Kathryn Hoss, early versions of the Spotify playlists curated by the characters, and a folder of digital art by Roxanne Wheeler, Erin M Speckley, and PJ Scott-Blankenship

Technicolor Marvel

You must be a fan! You want some swag? You got it! Previous tiers PLUS, the Hit the Bricks coloring book, a sticker AND a button!

Love of the Craft

LIMITED: We're doing a special behind the scenes audio series, with commentary from the cast and crew plus interviews! You can also submit your questions for the interview segments and have them answered! Plus, some digital stuff!

Out of this World

All the other tiers EXCEPT, this version of the soundtrack is the deluxe edition with additional tracks and song demos! You also get a poster by Roxanne Wheeler.


LIMITED: By Popular Demand, we're expanding the line of hand-made rag dolls by Rory Nicks. You can pick out any of the following characters: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Lion, Jessi, Wallace, Lurline, or Jacoby!

Behind the Curtain

LIMITED: Some of the digital items, access to the Beyond the Bricks Series, and an annotated script by the director.

King of the Forest

LIMITED: WOW, you've got the heart of a lion! You get a lot of the digital items, PLUS, you get to give us your input on the episodes before they go live AND you get a special Producer Credit!

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