Who doesn't love stickers?? Nobody, that's who! Show us your support and as a way of saying thank you, we'll send you out your choice of a pack of "Save the Flowmies", "Hoop Grab", or Proteus Stickers.

Proteus T-Shirt

A Limited Edition Proteus Tee that shows that you support affordable smart props that are affordable enough to actually use.

Full Printed Tee

Donate a little more and get our Artist designed, full printed t-shirt!

Proteus Gear Pack

Really show your love for Proteus with this gear pack. Included in this pack: A Limited Edition Proteus T-shirt, A full printed graphic T- shirt, multiple Sticker packs, and a special edition Proteus Drawstring Gear Bag with zipper pockets to carry your accessories.

GOrion Bag

Maintain, adapt and have extra Power for your Hoop while on the go. In this pack you will receive 4 additional batteries with a battery case, a portable power bank for charging, a roll of water proofing tape, alcohol surface cleaning wipes, and a special edition Proteus drawstring gear bag with zipper enclosures.

Early Bird Orion

Guarantee your place in the queue and get your hands on the hoop before anyone else!

Orion SmartHoop

Be among the first people on earth to get the Orion. An affordable, feature rich, easy to use, Advanced Smart Hoop.

Proteus Titan Smart Staff

Prop us up with this LED Smart Staff and get $25 Off!! The Proteus™ Titan SmartStaff is the flagship of Proteus Designs, rendering the most complex patterns among our selection of SmartProps. Our full-sized 60" contact staff option is lightweight and rattle free, while offering the brightest LEDs on the market today. Remarkably resilient, the Titan uses an industry-unique, clear outer shell that maintains the highest clarity even with scratches or gouges.

Double Orions

The only thing better than a single Orion is a matched pair! Get 2 syncable, identical Orions to use as you please!

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