Bask in the warm glow of donating because you're just an all-around nice person, at least in my books you are! We all know that sharing is caring, so please help by spreading the LOVE and downloading the digital book cover on your favorite social media's wall with the hashtags #f*ckthescale #nakedtruth #warr;or


Postcards, remember them? Get an actual hold in your hands postcard with the official book cover design sent to you wherever you are in the world. Plus, if you think your doctor has poor handwriting, wait until you try to read mine! I have the most illegible handwriting so it thrills me to be able to send you a handwritten postcard of thanks that you will hopefully decipher before 2020.


Brag to all your friends, go ahead you’re a giver and I appreciate you! So after I give you a big shout out on Instagram and Facebook go ahead and click the ‘share’ button so others can help spread the #nakedtruth love too! Remember to hashtag #f*ckthescale #nakedtruth #warr;or The shy type? No problem you can remain anonymous or put it in your pet’s name too!


A Bucket Filler is someone who says or does something nice for other people. By being a Bucket Filler we fill other peoples' buckets, and in turn we fill our own bucket. Socks are truly for giving because the boa constrictor constraints they put on my feet, drive me B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I am in love with giving back to our amazing community and I do know there are many deserving humans out there who would appreciate a little warr;or love. The homeless shelter in Fredericton, NB will receive a Warr;or Sock Pack that will include a pair of socks, yummy snack & coffee voucher. PLUS, you will have your name or pet's name featured in my book as a Bucket Filler in both digital and printed copies.


Reserve one of the first hot off the press books signed with my messy John Hancock and a meaningful note of gratitude. You will also receive a locally printed bookmark to hold your spot, if for some silly reason you have to put the book down. Mailed right to your door via snail mail or delivered in person if you are nearby, this book also makes the perfect gift for giving to someone special.


I will donate a signed book on your behalf to one of the following charities that mean the world to me. You have the choice of choosing from the list below and the book will dedicated and signed by the author in your honor. DECH 2SE Wing Hungry for Hope Counselling CMHA Fredericton Chapter CMHA Moncton Chapter CMHA Saint John Chapter CHIMO Helpline NEDIC – National Eating Disorder Information Centre OR Charity approved by Author


Receive 2-VIP tickets to my private launch party where you get to hang with my closest family, friends, #nakedtruthwarriors & VIP’s. Get pics taken with or without the author in the super fun photo booth by the photographer who created my book cover. They'll be delicious food, a signature warr;or cocktail, music, tons of laughter & tears. Get books signed in person and have a chance to chat with the author or ask questions. This is going to be a night to remember and one you’ll definitely want to be a part of! Date: February, 2019 TBA details TBA Location: Fredericton, NB details TBA Travel and accommodations are not covered in this package.


I am worth it and so are YOU! A very exclusive, beautiful & locally made warr;or healing box. The warr;or box will help you to relax and smell good too! INCLUDES my FAVORITE THINGS ♥Homemade WARRIOR body scrub made by Sam the author in Fredericton, NB. This treatment will leave your skin feeling like a baby's butt and will have you smelling like a true badass. ♥Locally made warr;or signature scrunchie by Loop Scrunchies in Fredericton, NB. These scrunchies are ALL THE RAGE right now, and these have been created specifically for my warr;ors, they won't last long and are limited so get it while you can. ♥Healing bracelet locally made by Anchored Soul Creations in Fredericton, NB. This bracelet is to remind you to believe and feel empowered every time you look at it. I wear mine proudly every day. ♥Branded Journal locally made by Six Color Copy in Fredericton, NB. It's time to #getnaked with your thoughts. These journals saved me when I thought life was not possible. Getting my thoughts out on paper, took them out of my head and helped to empower me to believe it was possible.


Had a rough week? Come in your PJ’s or casual Friday jeans cause this is all about being comfy and havin' a time at your Kitchen Party Happy Hour! Invite as many family/friends/co-workers to come and enjoy some bubbly and indulge in some locally made gourmet cupcakes! I guarantee this is the perfect way to get popular and make friends quickly! It's also the best way to kick-off the weekend or an excuse to have some bubbly and cupcakes on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Heck, it can be any day of the week and any time of your choosing, whatever works best for you and your crowd! You’ll also receive a private 30-minute reading of my book. I’ll answer any questions you may have regarding my journey and perhaps you will want to share yours too. I’ll even sign your book with the worst John Hancock you’ve ever seen as a way to say thank-you. This package is available for anyone within a 2-hour radius of Fredericton.


Invite 15 of your friends for a girls night in OR 15 of your co-workers for the perfect team bonding event at your work! Enjoy the most amazing wood fired pizza Fredericton has to offer from Milda’s as well as a selection of red & white wines. Milda’s offers artisan style wood-fired pizzas that not only offers selections for the carnivore, but also specializes in vegan with their own homemade cheese. They offer good food, great quality, local fare and where possible organic ingredients that are combined to create an amazing taste sensation. Get spoiled with makeovers and create a fresh new look for Spring or Summer (don’t worry guys there’s products for you too!). I believe in using only the highest quality cosmetics and skincare that is cruelty free, because you deserve the best! Mix & mingle the day/night away because this event is all about you having fun mid-week, end-week or any time of the week. Woodfired Pizza + Vino = Perfect way to make friends fast! You’ll also receive 16 copies of the book that you can have signed with my messy John Hancock the night of the event. This event is only available to those that live in Fredericton or within 20 minutes of the city center. ***Please note you will receive the Happy Hour Hero Package with your purchase, however it will be included into this event and not on a separate day/night.***

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