Choo Choo Bird

An invisible North African kitten named Choo Choo Bird who will visit you in your dreams once every blue moon. She is the spirit of harmony.

Seguru App

You will also receive a 3 month subscription of Seguru Mobile Safeware app created by Ralph Echemendia “The Ethical Hacker” (Tech supervisor for Neptune Frost as well as films such as Nerve, Savages, Snowden and the TV show Mr. Robot. )

Exclusive Saul William's Mixtape

You will receive an exclusive digital mixtape from SW w/musical inspirations, travel/field recordings, & unreleased material.

MartyrLoserKing graphic novel one sheet

Signed copy of draft page of Saul William’s MartyrLoserKing graphic novel + Exclusive Saul William's Mixtape + Seguro app

Signed Poetry Book

US(a) poetry book signed by Saul + exclusive Saul William’s Mixtape + Seguru app

Ultimate Digital Bundle

Handwritten poem from Saul William sent in a digital PDF + Exclusive Saul William's mixtape + Seguro app

Potolo Dream

Potolo (the wheel-winged avatar) will chant an incantation into your dream on a special night at 11:11pm when you have fallen asleep earlier than planned. This incantation will dissolve all unwarranted doubts and fears for 72 hours which may be prolonged if you are able to recall the song from your dream.

Limited Edition Bundle

Signed MartyrLoserKing vinyl + Exclusive Saul William’s Mixtape + Limited edition T-shirt + Seguro App

laab magazine/a conversation

Receive the 1st issue of Ronald Wimberly’s groundbreaking limited edition laab magazine w/exclusive illustration & exclusive SW/MartyrLoserKing pullout interview- & a Skype discussion w/me

The Poetry Package

Receive signed copies books of S/he, said the shotgun to the head., Dead Emcee Scrolls, Chorus, US(a)

a poetry workshop

attend one session poetry wkshop w/me in either NY/LA/Kigali/Paris/Rio/ Dublin/London/Toronto *Travel and lodging not included

Let's break bread

Join me at one of the stops on an upcoming tour at a local African restaurant where we’ll enjoy cold beer & family cooking. Includes 2 tix to SW show *Travel and lodging not included

Studio visit/Film Premiere

Join me for one day in the studio during the recording of the film soundtrack and receive 2 invitations to the film premiere. *Travel and lodging not included

Onscreen Associate Producer Credit

Onscreen assoc. prod. credit An original hand written poem by SW 2 invitation to film premiere *Travel and lodging not included

Niggy Tardust package

Niggy Tardust package Includes - special edition Niggy Tardust vinyl -signed by SW & Trent Reznor - limited edition Melody Ehsani Niggy Tardust jewelry - Angelbert Metoyer SongKeeper print.

Collector Pack

An original Neptune Frost inspired creation from longtime SW collaborator Angelbert Metoyer (limited availability) & a signed rare edition of The Seventh Octave

exec prod. credit

Invitation to private producers screening. An original hand written poem by SW. includes 2 invitation to premiere *Travel and lodging not included

Private Poetry reading

I will fly to your hometown (US only) & do private poetry reading for you and your friends. Includes 2 invitation to film premiere


Can you do a love poem?


Saul, was powerful seeing you @ Arco. Thank you. Wondering how you practice, edit, make space for writing? What's your process?


What's the significance of Neptune in this project?


What ideas from science are you thinking about? Any scientific books you like? Thank you for your work.


Did you have to do any research of computer parts, terminology, and such? What OS does Neptune Frost use? lol.


What might be the most surprising influence or influences to your fans RE: NEPTUNE FROST? Can’t wait! 🚀🌈❤️

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