Blessings and Gratitude!

I send you my blessings and gratitude for your contributions, every little bit helps! Oh and you'll receive updates :)

Pre-release Digital Download

You'll get a digital download of "Wave of Birdsong," before it is officially released!

"Wave of Birdsong" signed CD

You'll receive a CD of "Wave of Birdsong," signed by yours truly.


Not into owning physical stuff but want the music? Perfect, you’ll get digital downloads of ALL THREE of my albums ("Key of Sea" 2012, "Catch & Release" 2016, and "Wave of Birdsong")

Merch Kit!

This fun merch kit includes the digital download, signed copy of "Wave of Birdsong", patch of your choice, stickers, homemade musical mad libs zine and block printed upcycled t-shirt (choice of design: church of fermentation or guitar tree)


Signed Physical copies of all three of my albums!! And stickers.

Supah-fan Merch Kit

You get signed copies of ALL THREE of my albums + digital download of “wave of birdsong” + 1 patch + tshirt OR 11x17 print of my fireflies painting

Doo-wop Backup Singer!

That’s right, you get to sing on a track of “wave of birdsong!” Ok, no doo-wops but lots of pretty oohs and ahs and harmonies to create a great chorus effect! Local to asheville (or willing to travel to Asheville in the several months) only.

Merch Kit + Ceramic Mug

All the contents of the Merch Kit + a very special edition ceramic mug handmade by my potter father featuring my original artwork (choice of guitar tree or Church of Fermentation design)

Music with Searra!

You’ll get a 1 hour long lesson/session in guitar, voice, musical improvisation, singing harmonies, or any combination! Preferably for folks local to Asheville or along tour routes (NY, midwest, Florida, Washington/Oregon) but will work over skype too! "delivery" says October but it will be sooner if you are local.

Songwriting Coaching

Send me 1-3 recordings of your songs, and I will listen and write down some thoughts. Then we can talk on phone/skype to explore changes and talk songwriting!

I take requests!

Got a specific song you’d just love to hear me sing? Send me your top three choices of a cover song and I will learn one and upload it to youtube in your dedication, plus you'll get your name in the liner notes of my album!

Searra-nade Service

Searra-nade service: Hire me as a serenader to surprise a loved-one or play a song for a special occasion dinner, etc. Local to Asheville only.

All yours!

Either I’ll cook you dinner and we can have a listening session to the new album (stories included!) or I’ll make you a picnic and we can sit and sing songs together!! Your choice! Preferably for folks local to Asheville but also opening to working this into a tour route (NY, midwest, Florida, Washington/Oregon) + merch kit + name in liner notes

House Concert!!

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your living room and you get to hear a whole Searra concert! Invite friends and family and I will give you an evening of original music, singalongs, games, etc. + any merch you want + name in liner notes

Custom Designer Song

I will write a song about a story/topic of your choice + any merch you want + name in liner notes

Full Band House Concert/Party!

I will bring my talented bandmates along with me and we will put on a show for you and your friends/family! Guaranteed to be a seriously good time. Limited to within 4 hours of asheville. + any merch you want + name in liner notes

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