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Hurray, you are officially a backer! You'll be listed as a backer in the Gospel of Mark and we will send you all our progress, updates and of course our thanks!

Digital Gospel of Mark

The delivery date below indicates when all instalments should have been received by.

Just this book thanks: Gospel of Mark

Just this book and the PDFs as they are completed so you can see it progress.

Back catalog three books

You won't need to wait 18 months with this reward. Only the already completed hard copies. Judges is an extra larger format limited edition, done for the original KS. (Nothing from Mark.) Note: This bundle is available as an add-on, see the 'add-on' section.

★★♛♛ DIGITAL KING ♛♛★★

This has EVERYTHING in digital format. All the books, all the sketchbooks for previous KS. It's got a very special digital 30-page comic based on the book of Revelation (not Word for Word), and the 2-page Prodigal son story. It's even got wallpapers. So, if you just want to the art and the stories but you aren't fussed about the physical object this it the level for you! Plus extra fast delivery on Rewards and no postage. (Buying digital maximises your contribution as fulfilling physical rewards like books and prints obviously eats into your pledge).

All Four Books

All four hard copies. (The three OT Book delivered May 2016, Mark once complete, therefore two separate shippings).

Collector's Edition Gospel of Mark

Get one of the first 100 printed copies - they are numbered and signed by the creator, with a hand-drawn little sketch on inside cover. (Numbers are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis but for #1 see below.)

⏱ EARLY BIRD: ♛ King Collector

((Will be £149 when EB sold out.)) The collector's editions of all the previous books and this one. Aside from the collector's edition of Mark, you'll also get one of the last remaining of the 100 first copies of Judges and Joshua from the previous Kickstarters, both were about £50. Both numbered, signed with a sketch inside. One of the last limited 32-page preview edition run of Ruth which was just 200 copies altogether printed for NewWine Event, not available anywhere else. (Please note: There are two separate shipping occasions resulting in higher shipping costs).

A4 Original Artwork

One of the A4 Bristol Boards with the original hand drawn ink line work on. Signed.

A3 Original Artwork and Print

A special one of the A3 Bristol Boards with the original hand drawn ink line work on (e.g. A splash page, crowd scene etc). Signed. Also, includes a high-quality A3 Giclée Print of your page. (Total pledge value determines priority when choosing which page).

Cover Art for Mark and Print

"The" A3 Bristol Board with the original hand drawn ink line work for the cover. Signed. Also include a high quality A3 Giclée Print of the Cover.


You drawn as an extra in the Bible (Restrictions apply, find in the description, left) you might even get killed! Including one of the A4 page which features your face.


SPEAK IN THE BIBLE! - You drawn as a speaking part in the Bible in a minimum of three panels (Restrictions apply - find in the description- left). Including one of the A4 page which features your face.

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