Mini Postcard

Get a cute postcard as a thank you for supporting the project as well as early access to the new PDF + audio book once it’s released.

Mini Minority Monster Softback Book

15x15cm (6x6 inch) 128 page softback book, perfect for taking with you on your travels. Signed by the author and includes a mini postcard thank you note and early access to the new PDF + audio book once it’s released.

Donation Box

A free super heavy box of 20 misprinted books for your organisation/ library/ charity/ youth group*, just pay the shipping! *You must make sure you have permission from an organisation to donate to them before pledging, or be a representative of the organisation yourself

Softback Book + Charm

Add a little companion to your book! This wooden charm comes either as a keyring or necklace and can help keep you company for your journey.

Adopt-a-Monster Framed Print

Give a page from the misprinted books a new home! Each frame measures 30x30cm (12x12inches) and comes with a tiny engraved plaque and adoption certificate on the back. Perfect to hang on your wall or adorn your mantlepiece.

Framed Print + Charm

For home and away! The Adopt-a-monster framed print plus a darling wooden charm necklace or keyring so you can travel around with your mini monster.

Book and Framed Print

A framed Adopt-a-monster plus the new softback book. Which monster will you pick? Includes the teeny postcard too!

Book+ Print+ Charm

1,2,3 and they’re all yours! Framed print, wooden charm and of course the signed book.

Smol Sketched Monster

Embellish the book with a sketch of your favourite monster on the bookplate! Includes the Adopt-a-monster framed print and Wooden charm.

10x Book Wholesaler box

These do great in indie, comic and queer based shops- grab 10 unsigned books at wholesale prices to help educate and entertain your customers.

Mini Plushie

Sketched monster softback book, Adopt-a-monster Print, Wooden charm AND your own Mini Squishy monster. Made by hand so you can pick any monster you want! Comes with a ribbon loop so you can hang it as an ornament or tie it somewhere it won’t get lost.

Make your own Monster

Full colour commission of a monster of your own making, inserted into the book in the Make your Own Monster section. Comes with everything in the Mini Plushie tier so I can even make your own one of a kind monster plush if you like the design!

Big Book of Fairy Tales

You get one of the few remaining full size copies of the book hand bound in real or faux vegan leather. The definition of limited edition! Also comes with a commission, mini plushie, framed print and wooden charm.

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