Digital map pack

half the maps from the book in their digital format ready to be used on any digital platform of your choice

All maps and spell effects digitally

This is for all the maps sent digitally, choose in the pledge manager if you want with or without grid! Each book also comes with all of the maps digitally

Copy of Immersive Battle Maps Vol. 1

30% off retail! Hot off the press. 30+ battle maps and all stretch goals. Includes all maps digitally as well.

2 books at a discounted price!

Get 2 copies of the book to push maps together and get a full 34"x22" battle map! Includes a sticker page for each, all the maps digitally, and all stretch goals.

Retailer Pack (10 books)

If you're a retailer interested in selling these hot cakes in your stores, this Pledge level is for you! SRP $50

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