The Supporter

The thank you tier

The Prescriber (1x18 @ 20% off)

What do you get when you combine a subscriber discount with a presale? The prescriber price. No subscription necessary. $4.00 per meal US Shipping included. US only.

The Retail Price (1x18 @ 0% off)

The Retail Price. This is here only so you know what it will cost once the campaign is over. You could, theoretically, buy this. If you do buy this tier, we will throw in a special mystery gift. $5 per meal. US Shipping included. US only. The mystery gift is a Sated T-shirt. It will be available to all reward tiers as an add-on after the campaign.

The Trifecta (3x18 @ 27% off)

A winning combo of three packs. All one flavor, or mix and match -- It's your choice. Odds of loving this reward: 100% guarantee to 1. $3.65 per meal. US Shipping included. US only.

The Six Pack (6x18 @ 30% off)

I can't decide if I want to make a Joe Six Pack or a Six Pack Abs Joke on this one. $3.50 per meal. US Shipping Included. US only.

The Yearling (12x18 @ 35% off)

12 packs, ideal for one a month for a year or 12 all at once. $3.25 per meal. US Shipping Included. US only.

The Party Parrot (50x18 @ 50% off)

We assume if you're ordering this tier you're doing so to host a huge party and plan to have Sated themed drinks at the bar. If this is true, please invite us. $2.50 per meal. US Shipping Included. US Only.

The Motherlode (225x18 @ 51% off)

4,050 bottles. 1.6 million calories. Almost 400 gallons of total liquid. Limit 1 per customer. $2.47 per meal. US Shipping included. US only.


Hey Ted. How big was your email list before you launched? And how much have you spent on marketing this project so far?


Would you guys think of maybe making a savoury flavor, something salty or maybe like a bone broth. I like sweet flavors but constantly being reminded of sweet things is not very keto.


Speaking of oil AND of avocados, did you consider avocado oil and what are its pros/cons compared to olive as the base for your oil blend?


Ted, is it possible to get powder only shipped? I have olive oil and coconut oil in the kitchen. I still have some rye oil, but I m betting that isn t too good for a Keto diet.


Any thoughts on reducing the amount of erythritol?


Is there any plan to provide an all powder product?


Will we ever be able to subscribe to the powder only instead of powder + oil?

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