Pledge without a reward

Thank you for supporing the CRQ project! Please feel free to share with anyone else who may want to support our project.

Digital Download

Get your new album in digital format (mp3/wav) before it's official release!

Signed CD + Digital Download

You will receive one signed physical copy of the CD.

Ticket to Private Concert

Join us for a private concert as we release the album "Your Way" in New York City - TBA

Thank You Video

Personalized Thank You video by the CRQ.

Digital version of the album artwork

Receive a PDF file of the original album artwork and the artists background.

2 Tickets to Private Concert

Join us for a private concert as we release our album "Your Way" location TBA

2 PDF files of any two charts

I will send you 2 PDF files of two of our music charts from my upcoming album "Your Way". You can choose any composition you'd like!!

Thank You Video from all the band

You will receive a public Thank You video from all the band members from our social media page!

Behind the scenes Video

I will share with you a "behind the scenes" video of the project that no one else has seen before! Special clips with special moments throughout the recording process.

Private Lesson

Take a 1-hour private lesson with Candice or Abel (either privately in New Jersey or via-skype) we can study vocal technique, composing, repertoire or spend time talking and sharing our favorite musical influences! It's up to you!!

Exclusive Video on each song

You will received an exclusive video of me defining each song and its purpose. The video will explain each song and it's process of how it ended on the album. Let's get deep!

PDF files of all the album's songs

Listen to the album while following the scores. It's like reading a book, just with notes!

Personal video of a Cover Song

Abel & Candice can play and sing a personal video of a cover song of your choice!! This should be fun.

Gift Package

Receive a bundle of 8 signed CD'S to share with friends.

Exclusive Video on starting your project

You will receive an exclusive video on tips and advice on how to get your project started.

Private Dinner & Listening Party

My husband and I will prepare a special dinner for you and a guest, and we will have a private listening party - we can enjoy dinner and listen to some favorite musical influences and songs. (New Jersey or New York)

Liner Notes - Thank You

I will add a special thank you for you in our album liner notes!

Compose a Song

We will compose a song for you!!

Private Performance

CRQ will perform a private show for you and guests! All accommodations and transportation must be covered by the backer. Date and time must be discussed with band leader prior. (Expenses may vary traveling 50 + miles)

Executive Producer

Executive Producer of the album "Your Way" + your choice of (1) reward above. Your name will be included as the Executive Producer in the liner notes. This will represent your contribution to making this project possible.

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