Seeing Things

For those who just want to help out with what they can. You're still appreciated!

Mini Halo

Sincere thanks and access to buy the album early.


Free digital download upon completion of the album.


Free digital copy of the album and a physical copy with a signed print of one of the 11 art pieces for the album.


You like lore? Besides getting your free digital and physical copies along with a signed print you'll get a full-color comic on the adventures through the Dreamscape.

Blue-White Pyramidite

Special for people who love their cats as much as I do. Along with your dual copies of the album, signed print, and comic, you also get your choice of a cat bowl printed with Tommy, Apollo's Warden Cat or a 20 oz coffee mug of the same design. Just make sure your cat doesn't knock it off the counter.


Lorestalker but with extra feeling. Everything included but with all ten signed prints, a T-shirt, and your name on the Mural within the comic itself.


Let's hope you have wall space. Out of 11 of the art pieces planned for each song you'll get one of the original canvases to hang up on your wall along with your digital and physical copies of the album. Your name will also appear on the Mural along with the Loremasters. You also get a nice booklet of the backstory behind making these songs.

Infinity Halo

Here's the big one. Access to an alternate cover artwork with the original canvas, altered artwork for all 10 prints along with the normal prints. Original comic manuscripts in black and white fully inked along with the regular comic Vinyl album editions of Altered album art and Original album art along with the booklet of the songs and the creation of them and the concept. All of it signed, of course. For the musician/producer, access to any stems, plug-ins, effects, and 99.9999997% of samples used in the making of this. Access to studio time to create a single, fully mixed and mastered as well. A special piece of artwork of Cartoon Tommy, Apollo. This is good for up to five separate shows, as when DM'd to me I will provide tickets to the highest degree for those shows that you choose. You get five. They don't expire until I do. You get a plus 1 for each show. Might want to hold onto it and wait for an increase. Or perhaps it'll pay off to know me early for later times? It's really up to you. Also it'll be a seriously good piece of art. Your name will appear on the Signpost in the comic as well as the Special Thanks in the booklets and credits.

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