The Shout Out!

Every dollar counts, and we appreciate every one that rolls in! Let us share our appreciation, first with a digital shout out on ALL social media outlets operated by Vantage:Inhouse, including a t-shirt that will be worn during school presentations!

6 - 4 - 5 SURPRISE!

U Cre-8 Comics has 6 AMAZING starter products, to jump start your Cre-8ivity! And at ONLY $5, they're very accessible for beginner and established creators, alike! With a RANDOMLY SELECTED piece from that collection, we want to get your imagination flowing and going!

Cre-8 Crate Minis

Inspiration can come from ANYWHERE! Sometimes, it's as simple as tinkering with a few tools to get a feel for the process! We want to give you some basic pieces (Idea Cards, Idea Book, Character Crafters, Words to Pictures, and a Mighty Mag) and hope to tease out more cre-8ivity than you're used to!

Cre-8 Crates

It's an ENTIRE comic book production studio -- in a BOX! Build your comic book universe from start to finish with the key pieces of the U Cre-8 Comics line! Develop your skills as both a writer AND an artist, with easy to use traditional supplies, designed to spark your Cre-8ivity at every turn!

Co Cre-8ors

You've gotten your Cre-8 Crate, but maybe getting started FEELS a bit daunting...NO WORRIES! Let's do a 1-2hr Skype session where I can introduce you to all the new tools you have, how to use them, AND live demo of the fan-favorite Character Crafter! *Scheduling will be set around mutual availability!

U Cre-8 a Convention!

Bring the U Cre-8 Comics: Character Crafter to a party or celebration near you! Get a live demo of the fan-favorite presentation for up to 30 participants (run time approx. 1-1.5 hours), at the location of your choice! (Sorry -- this is a Central Ohio ONLY offer! *Scheduling based on mutual availability!

U Cre-8 a Culture

Get ready for 800 students to know your name! In addition to getting a SIGNED Cre-8 Crate, you'll also nab one of our custom shirts, celebrating ALL our pledgers, and signed 18x24 posters from all the participating students, staff and admin, as a token of our appreciation!

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