E-1 RF Enlisted

Congratulations--you have officially joined the ranks of the Resistance Forces! Your name will be immortalized on the "Wall of Resistance" to be created on the project website. To thank you for your support we are sending you...

E-2 Private 1st Class

You just got your first promotion! This package is perfect for showing your commitment to the cause. This book’s characters are bound to cause a cosplay frenzy and only original backers will have these official RF Rank patches! Receive all of E1 pack +

E-3 Lance Corporal

Way to show initiative freedom fighter! Receive all of E2 pack + 24” x 36” movie style poster of the cover art!

E-4 Corporal

Climbing the ranks fast I see! We need more like you Freedom Fighter -- Receive all of E3 pack +

E-5 Sergeant

LEVEL-1 VACATION GIVEAWAYS UNLOCKED! You're a natural born leader Freedom Fighter! You've really earned your stripes. For your extra initiative...we are sending you on vacation leave for a little R & R!

E-6 Staff Sergeant "Black Sword"

You've gone well above and beyond! Enjoy your vacation with extras! Your undoubted leadership ability will be designated with a complete set of 2 matching RF Rank patches to display your colors. #RFSalute! Receive all of E5 pack +

E-7 Gunnery Sergeant

"Triple Black Sword!" Your shoulders will be adorned with a crown of swords to designate your leadership, bravery, and sacrifice to inspire all who enter your presence! #RFSalute! Receive all of E6 pack +

E-8 Master Sergeant

"Duty" is your middle name! You are a shining example of the RF's finest and your courage does well to boost moral. #RFSalute! Receive all of E7 pack +

E-9 Sergeant Major

LEVEL-2 VACATIONS UNLOCKED! Congratulations Freedom Fighter--You have reached the pinnacle of the enlisted ranks! Your dedication will be rewarded by leave abroad. Better brush up on your Spanish! Enjoy the comfort of warmer sands with a 5-Night luxury resort stay for 2 in Mexico with this pledge! #RFSalute Receive all of E-8 +

O-1 Warrant Officer

Your determined nature has brought you far Freedom Fighter! This pledge places you amongst the Officer Ranks of the RF. Welcome to Upper Management. #RFSalute Receive all of E9 pack +

O-2 1st Lieutenant

You're making quite the name for yourself Freedom Fighter! Your loyalty to the cause is unquestionable and you serve well to lead our troops. #RFSalute Receive all of O-1 +

O-3 Captain

You are the Captain now--Freedom Fighter! We honor your unabashed support for our troops with these extras! #RFSalute Receive all of O2 pack +

O-4 Colonel "Black Arrow"

LEVEL-3 VACATION GIVEAWAYS UNLOCKED! As a Black Arrow your ambassadorship for the cause travels much further! Enjoy a 7-Night stay for 2 in a private luxury villa in Thailand with this pledge! #RFSalute Receive all of O3 pack +

O-5 Brigadier General "Black Star"

You...are...LEGENDARY! The evidence of your leadership ability is incontestable. As a Black Star General, the fight for freedom is yours to command! #RFSalute Receive all of O4+

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