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I would have loved to support you guys. The product looks great and the cost of 41 dollar is quite reasonable - even the 18 dollar for delivery is ok.

But unfortunately I live in a country (Norway) where there is a lot of fees when you buy from other countries. When you buy for more than 42 USD (350 NOK) there are 2 added fees. Which means when I buy from you at a cost of 59 USD, I will actually pay about 91 USD in total. That is more than twice the amount for the actual product... Is there anything you can do?

I know you probably can't - and maybe I just wanted to get my frustration out, because I really wanted to buy this pillow! And like a small child I am just sulking now because it is too expensive ;)

Best wishes (and hoping you will somehow start a shop in Scandinavia)

PS: please let me know if you get free delivery or anything along those lines!

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